Setup a FREE 45 Minute Best Strategy Session to Pay for College

We can advise you on:

  • Get the best price at the best colleges
  • Qualify for need-based financial aid and academic merit scholarships
  • Create a strategy to pay your family’s share of the costs as wisely as possible
  • Preserve as much of the assets you have accumulated for college and retirement
  • Learn what to do if you are expected to pay sticker price
  • Identify ways to save on taxes while paying for college
  • Understand what to expect throughout the college admissions and financial aid process

The Seven Biggest Mistakes

  • It’s too late to do any planning now
  • My child is a freshman, sophomore or junior in high school, we have plenty of time
  • We make too much to qualify for aid
  • I’ll wait until my child is a little older to get serious about college
  • Lean on advice from well-intending friends, family and co-workers
  • Wait until next year to figure it out
  • Fail to realize that college planning is retirement planni

The one BIG Advantage You Have

You have access to a free 45 minute session with two leading authorities on paying for college right here in Indianapolis. This is one of the ways Indy College Funding serves families throughout the greater Indianapolis community.

If you would like a session with us, call 317-791-9860 or schedule your session now.